The Freehold of Trelsk:

Situated to the north of the river Rei, and standing by Aamard’s Crossing, Trelsk is a community that sustains largely from the bounty of the river, and by trade with the lands to the south. Trelsk is also known for its blacksmiths and the fine iron and steel works produced by its citizens. The Freehold of Trelsk is governed by a council of Aldermen who provide council to an appointed Portreeve. The population of Trelsk is quite well mixed with Dragonborn, Dwarves, Eladrin, Elves, Teiflings, Half Elves and Humans living peaceably together.

Trelsk boasts a population of approximately 1,250 persons. The population is predominately human (80%) with a number of other races comprising the rest of the population (Elves and Eladrin 5%, Dragonborn 3%, Halfling 2%, Half-Elves 2%, Dwarves 3%, Teiflings 2%). Aside from the usual goods and services that can be acquired in a town of this size, there are a few features of Trelsk that render it somewhat unique. Described below are persons and places of interest in the Freehold of Trelsk.

Surrounded by a low palisade, Trelsk is a town of low stone buildings that sprawl from the banks of the river Rei. The scents of fish and livestock permeate much of the southern quarter of the city, only to be replaced by the acrid scents of wood fire and hot slag in the central portions. The architecture of the town is a touch more sophisticated in the far north and west quarters where he wealthy tend to make their homes. The people are friendly, by and large, though when night descends suspicious attitudes come more to the fore.


The Chosen Blade is an adventurer’s guild that was established by a veteran dwarf by the name of Kodnir Grimforge. Kodnir formed the guild as a means of helping those new to the dangers of adventuring and special mercenary service. Kodnir offers lodging to Guild Members in good standing, as well as a pick of offers for work.

The General’s Forge is one of the better smiths in Trelsk, known for producing high quality weapons and armor. Its proprietor is an Eladrin woman by the name of Nolanya who is known to pay premium coin for rare ores and weapons.

The Prince’s Curse is a shop that specializes in magical supplies and reagents. Owned by a pessimistic but friendly Tiefling by the name of Akmenos, the shop does a fair business and Akmenos is known to be well learned in local lore and legends.

Yeoman’s Sundries is a general store that sells a wide range of supplies, including the various equipment that adventurer’s often need. It is owned by the Brownthistle clan of Halflings.

Hoydan’s is a popular tavern owned by a feisty Half Elven woman named Ula. It is a popular spot for the people of Trelsk to gather and share food and drink, though it can get a bit rowdy at times.

The Temple of Fluvial Waters is a shrine near the banks of the river dedicated to the Goddess Melora.

The Church of the Shinning Three is a relatively large church located near the center of the town. It is dedicated to the Gods Bahamut, Kord, and Pelor. The priests are known to minister to the sick as well as to provide blessings for the crops and harvests. Rituals may be performed for others for a donation or in exchange for a quest performed on the Church’s behalf.

The Dew Drop Inn is a large establishment boasting a spacious common room, stables, and many private rooms for rent. It serves as the main stop for travelers in the Freehold, and enjoys a reputation for being clean and safe. The owners are a Dragonborn couple (Kurnoc and Kalfyra Ulhargix) who are held in high esteem for their strength of character.

All that Shines is a store that specializes in precious stones and works of art. The proprietor is a somewhat reticent human by the name of Brandis. He pays well for most items and tends to ask few questions about from whence they came, in exchange, he requires that not many questions be asked about the origin of the goods he offers.


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