Envrions of Sarkrid's Reach

The Steadgrave:

To the north of Trelsk lies the region of Steadgrave. A combination of rolling hills, plains, and thick woods, the steadgrave holds the ruins of many ancient great halls and settlements. The land, while rather beautiful, is said to be haunted, and is seldom ventured to. Monstrous creatures occasionally range through the steadgrave, creating troubles for the three towns.

The Widow’s Weald:

To the north and west of Trelsk lies the immense forest of the Widow’s Weald. It is a dark, hoary and foreboding wood that is said to be haunted by the cries of a forgotten spirit. Ghoulish creatures are known to stalk the Widow’s Weald, wreaking terrible tortures upon the unfortunate souls that fall victim to their hungers.

Aamard’s Crossing:

The stone bridge that crosses the impressive span of the river Rei remains a reminder of the might of the Forgotten Empires. Aamard’s Crossing has withstood the vicissitudes of time, and it is said by the common folk that it shall only fall when the world comes to its end. Aamard’s Crossing serves in linking Trelsk and Slortorii together.

The River Rei:

A massive winding river of various temperaments, the Rei flows from the far north of Sarkari’s Reach down through the Southlands. The Rei serves as the primary means of life and travel for many in the Three Towns, though the Rei is not always kind. The Rei has flooded on many occasions, and its wideness and seemingly calm waters have lured many into the error of thinking it safe. The common myth is that the Rei was formed from the Goddess Melora’s tears as she saw the destruction the mortal races brought upon themselves.

Envrions of Sarkrid's Reach

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