Sarkrid's Reach

Goblin Raider's of the Steadgrave
The first comission of the Chosen Blade

Adventure Recap

  • Balasar, Owen, Harann and Vaeris were commissioned by Gorrod Harstel and Adelard Brownthistle to investigate raids that have been occurring along the Norther Wey. The commission was accepted on condition of being loaned two mules and a cart.
  • The party set forth from Trelsk along the Norther Wey. Disguised as a pair of traveling merchants Owen and Vaeris drove the mule cart while Balasar and Harann hid in the back. In this way, they hoped to induce the raider’s to attack.
  • The party came upon a band of Langatsar Goblins in the midst of finishing a raid against a less fortunate Carvan which was headed towards Trelsk. The Heroes quickly engaged the Goblins, and decisively defeated them.
Goblin Raiders of the Steadgrave
an adventure for four to five 1st level characters

Trade has been slow to and from the northlands and far off city of Haven’s End. Caravans have disappeared along the winter road, and goblins ranging from the north east of the stead grave are suspected.

The Brownthistle has a stock in the commerce of Trelsk, and the clan has contracted out to the Chosen Blade to get this situation resolved.

Approximately five to seven hours in length, traditional style adventure.


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