Kivisdreyri, The Bloodied Whisper

The haft of this axe is made of a dark, sturdy wood. The handle is wrapped in woven laces of leather. The blade is made of a dark grey metal, and the edge of it, while sharp, seems perpetually stained with blood.

weapon (melee)
On a Critical:

The wielder of Kivisdreyri may make a melee basic attack with this weapon against the same target as a free action.


Rokus of Jutmire was a mighty warrior, and served closely by Harnod’s side. He was a quiet man, and let his actions speak for him. As the years grew darker, and the Empires of the Mortal races fell, Rokus became more taciturn.

During the battle when Harnod finally fell, Rokus strode silently to the front lines. Not a single sound was uttered by the man when as he faced his foes, Kivisdreyri spoke for him. The raven song of Kivisdreyri still sings today, though Rokus is long since dead.

Kivisdreyri, The Bloodied Whisper

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